About us

We are specialists with decades of experience in the energy sectors such as optimization, hardware & software development, and project management. Together with enthusiasts and innovators with a vision for a better future, our team works hard to create a whole new energy ecosystem that aspires to shake the foundations of the current energy business.

"While finishing projects focused on energy optimization for big factories, we realized the vast potential and advantages an energy efficiency solution could deliver. We founded FUERGY with the intention to offer such a solution to every single energy consumer around the globe."
Radoslav Štompf
Chairman of the Board & CEO of FUERGY


We are on a mission to reinvent how people utilize and share electric energy to accelerate the transition to sustainable renewables. Our goal is to shift from conventional electricity consumers to innovative green power prosumers who produce, consume and share energy effectively. We want to make renewable energy an economically compelling alternative so we can finally reduce the dependence on fossil fuels to help slow down climate change.


FUERGY was founded to bring fresh air to the outdated energy sector struggling to keep up with technological progress and climate change initiatives.

We’ve put together an amazing team and designed unique solutions allowing us to reach the full potential of clean energy technologies, use the resources without waste and achieve great synergies, for the benefit of everyone – the power grid, energy retailers, end customers, and most importantly, the environment.

Our smart energy storage systems and software developed specifically for the energy sector facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources while ensuring a reliable, stable and cheaper electricity supply.

Executive board

Radoslav Štompf


Radoslav has more than twenty years of experience in developing control and optimization systems for the energy industry. He was a senior application consultant for IPESOFT, a leading provider of comprehensive IT solutions for energy and industrial companies in Central Europe. In 2014, he co-founded Smarten, where he secured energy optimization for large clients in figures of ten million or more EUR annually. Radoslav is now looking to utilize his professional experience to help shape the future of the global energy market.

Branislav Šafárik


Branislav has a background in innovation and business development that includes 5 years in Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank, a specialized banking institution founded by the Ministry of Finance, and 3 years as the General Director of the Slovak Business Agency, a joint initiative of the EU together with the Government of the Slovak Republic promoting SMEs. Branislav has a great deal of experience in helping new ideas to succeed in competitive markets. He also spent a fair amount of time in the US networking with San Francisco’s venture and innovation scene. He has worked closely with startups and disruptive businesses supported applied research and participated in the policy formulation in the number of private and public positions including the European Commission’s SME Envoy for Slovakia.

Rastislav Kuba


Rastislav spent over 23 years working for a company which focused on energy backup systems. He developed DC control systems for telecommunication power supplies and also alternating current control systems for cogeneration units and gensets. In the future, he wants to remain involved in making renewable energy work for households, creating a system that can utilize green energy to the fullest extent, with the goal of helping preserve our planet for the next generation.

Vladimír Miškovský


Vladimír began working in marketing while in high school as a freelancer. By the time he was 18, he founded his first company where he handled everything: development, programming, management, and even financial accounting. This would later materialize into a full-service advertising studio for local clients. This was back in 2005 when he was still figuring out his place in marketing. At university, he studied visual advertisement with marketing. Later, he studied economics and law. Along with IT, this formed the base knowledge he uses daily in his work. In 2011, he became immersed in the startup environment where he initially worked as a marketing consultant, but would later actively engage in business activities and advise on marketing strategies.

Sales & Business development

Ondrej Salanci


Ondrej has a strong background in energy optimization, energy trading, as well as in the project management field. He studied electric engineering and informatics at the Technical University of Košice, while in his free time he was doing VRML coding, MATLAB & Simulink simulations, 3D designs, RIA development, and got involved in many other IT or creative activities. After graduation, Ondrej started to work for Slovak energy retailer VSE as a manager for high and low-voltage projects. Later he switched to the IT field where he managed projects focused on ITIL, digital services, and software development, and before he joined FUERGY, he worked as a project manager at the company providing industrial electrotechnical solutions. Ondrej is an avowed “YES man” who sees every problem as a challenge rather than an obstacle.

David Martinec


David studied his master’s degree in innovation, knowledge and entrepreneurial dynamics at Aalborg University. At university, he was educated via practical Problem Based Learning about issues and solutions for real-world companies. This focus on innovation would be key in his move towards blockchain. He began working at DECENT from the very start of the company and later became a project manager of SophiaTX and ALAX. He sees blockchain as a revolutionary technology that can bring a range of new possibilities to existing businesses, which is why he sees a positive future in this industry. Driven by his interest in innovations, he joined FUERGY with the aim to create the smart energy system of tomorrow.

Eva Almašiová


Eva’s career started during her university studies focused on marketing and management. As finance support, project controller and leader of a small team in a young, fast-growing company, she gained a valuable skill set. After 5 years, she decided to take a break and travel the world. In Australia, she was providing support for people with psychosocial disabilities and this experience boosted her love to interact with people. After coming back from overseas, Eva worked as a community manager for an innovative Slovak tech company. She was among the first FUERGY’s employees and with her passion for sustainability and cleantech solutions, she still has the same determination to make FUERGY recognized as a leader in smart energy.